A bear, a hammer, a piggy bank: 10 best costumes for a trader for Halloween according to CryptoRobotics

Halloween is coming, and it’s time to think about the costumes. Celebrating on the couch or at the party is up to you, but there is a costume for any trader.

A bear

If your strategy is to put the price high on the market, then stay in a “bearish” mood. But on Halloween, you can relax a bit - become a teddy bear.

A bull

Do you feel like having fun and your testosterone goes up? Lead the party like you manage the market. A suit of Sacha Baron Cohen is your benchmark.

A man who catches profitable deals

You will need a fishing rod, a panama hat and a vest with pockets if you are looking for a goldfish in the market. In such a suit, there is definitely a chance to hook someone. Do not confuse cryptocurrency fish with a creepy one!

Japanese candle

This is a real open space for creativity. Be a hammer at the party and you can become a morning star.

Weak WiFi and low battery

If you decided to go to a party with a friend or girlfriend, you can scare your friends not worse than any dead man. What really scares a trader during trading is bad wifi or a gadget with a low battery. Boo!


This world needs a new hero. Why don’t you become a Bitcoin hero? Everyone will be delighted with such a suit at a trading party. True, many people will have questions but just don’t fall!

A piggy bank

Investments, algorithmic trading, mining — all these things will never replace the good old piggy bank. Why not to wear this suit? The main thing is to choose the right place for the hole to put the coins in and save the funds.

A suit for a market collapse

There is a very simple but effective idea for a large company. You can take an example from the guys from the New York Stock Exchange, who are able to scare traders with only white T-shirts and red tape. But be prepared for the fact that the most desperate party guests will want to draw support levels on you.

Order book

If you like metaphors and puns, find a suit of an order book. Add something like a knife, join the guys above and scalp at the same table.

Excel chart

Traders have a bright logic, systematic and are a bit dull. Halloween is a good reason to turn this into a fun. Count the number of drinks drunk, mark them on a T-shirt, and your evening will be under control. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the formulas!

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